Norma Watt is an oil and watercolor artist, who paints on her family anthurium farm in Mountain View, Hawai`i.


Original Oil Paintings Available

The pieces above are available originals and the ones below are available as giclee copies on canvas or as paper prints. Please contact Norma using the form below if you would like more information about pieces, pricing, or would like a larger image per email. You can also call Norma at (808) 968-6468.

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Norma Watt painter Hawaii

Norma Watt
Oil & Watercolor Painter
(808) 968-6468
P.O. Box 29, Mountain View, Hawai`i 96771



has lived in Hawai`i since the 60’s and has seen the islands change dramatically over the past half century. She explains “Hawai`i has so much to offer all artists.” Her paintings aim to capture some of the past as well as preserve scenes of the present. All subjects are taken from the Big Island of Hawai`i and painted from photographs. She hopes people can feel a connection to her choices through art.

She has studied under artists Linus Chao, David Livingston and more recently Patrick Ching, painting in the style of realism, using both brush and palette knifeon the canvas. On her style, she says “Although I try to achieve a looseness of style, I find that I am detail oriented and so I meld the two to fit my own work.” Norma’s art has been displayed and has won juried exhibitions across the island. You can see her art currently on display at the Firehouse Gallery in Waimea.